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Jazz Links

Red Hot Jazz
A history of Jazz before 1930. Excellent site, informative and full of great pictures.

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame makes its home in the historic Carver Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Modern Jazz
Massive database DB3 downloads.

Jazz and Blues Lyrics
The jazz and blues lyrics given here are compiled from recordings from the first part of the 20th century.

Spanish Jazz
Rather obscure Spanish site, nevertheless worth having a browse.

Hot Jazz - Review of International Jazz
The long established French Jazz Magazine makes a on line debut - with english translation.

Downbeat jazz Magazine
Online Jazz Magazine.

Music Club
Mixed media Jazz, Music and Cinema in Italian.

Finnish Jazz Magazine
All about Finnish Jazz.

Jazz Review
Daily reviews of recent new jazz releases to give you a look at some great new jazz music. With currently over 5000 jazz CD reviews, we are sure that you will find something that fits your musical taste.

All About Jazz
Comprehensive Jazz Web Resource.

City Cabaret
The online magazine for music lovers.

Contemporary Jazz Europe Jazz Network Ink

Blot Magazine
Interesting general site covering some Jazz.

Inner Reviews
Great site, covering world music and Jazz.

Jazz Improv
Comprehensive periodical covering improvisation.

Jazz Magazine
Looks like an excellent site. You will need to read French though.

Jazz Now
An electronic work in progress (since 1994).

Jazz Online
A comprehensive site with chat rooms and discussion groups.

Jazz Live
Interesting on line magazine from Austria.

Jazz Blues
Established in 1972 this monthly contains much of interest.

Jazz Chronicles
Another excellent site, definitely worth a good look.

Faculty of Music Jazz Iz
A real heavy weight amongst the magazines.

Jazz USA
Your beacon to Jazz on the Internet since 1996.

Not exactly a Jazz Society but even better. The Louisiana Music Archive and Artist Directory, emphasis on New Orleans

Coastal Jazz & Blues Society in Vancouver
Jazz and Blues around coastal Vancouver.

Jazz in Scotland
Links, societies and the scene in the North.

Alabama Jazz and Blues Federation
Founded in 1990.

Souix Falls Jazz and Blues Society Arkansas

Jazz Heritage Federation
The Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the general public about the historical significance of Arkansas` musical heritage.

Chicago Jazz Archive Louis Armstrong Site
Page dedicated to the great man himself…

Jazz and Ragtime Links
A very large collection of links.

European Free Improvisation Musicians` and Group Index
The list acts as an index to the musicians that have been added directly at this Web site.



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