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Would you like to help preserve our Vintage Music and get paid for doing it?

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Why we need your help

Document Records and The Document Records Store.
Since 1985, Document Records has a built a catalogue of over 1,000 music albums. That is over 25,000 tracks of classic, historic recordings of Blues, Jazz, Vaudeville, Gospel, Swing, Boogie-Woogie, early country music and more. From the very first recordings made, in the late 19th century, through to those made in the middle of the 20th century and beyond, the Document Record’s catalogue is regarded as the biggest and most comprehensive catalogue of its kind in the world. Its products are unique, making available and preserving a rich and significant part of American and Afro-American music; often referred to as “The roots of Rock and Roll”.

In 2016, Allegro, one of the last remaining distributors finally went bankrupt owing us many thousands of dollars. We weathered that storm, but we vowed that we would not distribute our products in that way again. We created a new website that allows us to sell downloads as well as CDs. We boost many of our posts on Facebook, and now we are offering a meaningful affiliate programme to our friends, fans and those who love the music.

What is an Affiliate and how can I become one?

If you have a website or a blog page, you can link to our page.  We offer links to specific CDs and to the online shop. If people come to the shop and buy a CD /download, then you get some money

We offer a higher rate of commission than Amazon and iTunes, across all our Document products in our store.

Affiliates will receive 10.00% percent of the entire cart that a user checks out with. There is no minimum purchase quantity requirement; the commission will be triggered with a customer’s purchase. That user will then be yours for up to 48 hours; meaning that if they return on the same device and purchase anything else, you will also receive 10.00% of any items purchased during this time


Customer Price: $18.99 + FREE Shipping = $18.99

Your Commission: 10.00% of $18.99 = $1.89 per single CD sale




Customer Price: $8.99

Your Commission: 10.00% of $8.99 = $0.89 per digital album download


You can simply sign up here:


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