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Review of What Is The Soul Of Man Remix

The following review appeared on the Blues Art Studio website.
This is the remixed version by one Cherry Sheriff of the 1944 recording made by the legendary ((but sometimes forgotten) Gospel Blues Shouter and guitarist Sister Rosetta Tharpe; as used in the recent advert for Alfa Romeo cars.
Her bright, effervescent vocal clarity has not been diminished in the mix and her striking, sensitive guitar work reaches out just as clearly as it did in the original version. The addition of lo-fi drums for eight bars in the middle of the number strangely enhances the more than hypnotically inviting guitar solo Sister Rosetta plays so entrancingly.  Also on the cd single is the unadulterated original version and a third number by Cherry Sherriff entitled Cash. (For some of you blues lovers out there a mostly uninteresting number)
Go out and buy it now! Send it, to the top of the charts!
Thoroughly recommended!

Thanks to Brian Harman and Blues Art Studio

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