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A personal letter from Gillian Atkinson

A personal letter from the Acting Managing Director of Document Records

Dear  Readers,

Document Records has great pleasure in enclosing its latest release DOCD-32-20-12 Boogie Woogie Pioneers compiled by John Mayall.  The legendary John Mayall shares his favourite piano tracks for your listening pleasure. John's intimate sleeve notes bring reminiscences of the great Blues figures from 1928 – 1960.
I couldn't be more delighted to submit this CD to you; it has great personal meaning for me.
When I was 13 years of age I bought tickets to see John Mayall play at the Free Trade Hall in
Manchester.  My parents however refused to let me go believing that John Mayall and his group played "weird music" quite unseemly for their teenage daughter.  Further they were concerned that I would fall under his "thrall" and would be doomed to a life (in their eyes) of sin and inequity.
Undaunted, I purchased John's LPs and fell under his thrall anyway and a door to another world opened for me.  John Mayall introduced me to Blues Music and for that I am eternally in his debt.
Years later both John and I are almost "establishment", but I was astonished to find that I still get a frisson of excitement at the mere mention of his name and I was thrilled with the 22 tracks he has chosen.
So to those of you who are just starting your journey through the world of Blues and Rock music I hope that the selection excites and moves you and to those of us who are "Further on up the Road" may we keep on keeping on like John Mayall and be given "Room to Move".

Best wishes,

Gillian Atkinson
Document Records Ltd.



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