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Sammy Price & The Blues Singers Vol 2

Sammy PriceSammy Price and The Blues Singers Volume 2; 1939 - 1949 DOCUMENT DOCD-5668

In addition to recordings made under his own name Sam Price became a house pianist for Decca and appeared on records with many well known blues and jazz singers. His solid, imaginative blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and swing based piano accompaniments were vital ingredients to the success of many recordings. This, the second of two volumes, finds Sammy Price in the company of some fine singers. Their performances are lifted by Sammy`s imaginitive and solid playing resulting in some memorable recordings including Nora Lee King`s Let Me Rock You Home, Wee Bea Booze`s masterpiece, Mr. Freddie Blues and many more. Overview * Covers ten years of Sam Price working as studio painist for Decca, New York. * Features appearances by Dizzy Gillespie, Buster Bailey and Lonnie Johnson and others. * Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith. * Includes detailed discography. * 30% Off Distributor Price! Track List Lethar McGraw 1. Do Your Duty 2. Low Down Dirty Groundhog James Carter 3. Death Letter Blues 4. Death Cell Blues Nora Lee King 5. Let Me Rock Your Home 6. Why Don`t You Do Right 7. Love Me 8. Yump Da Da Da 9. Cannon Ball 10. Deep Sea Diver Wee Bea Booze 11. If I`m A Fool 12. I Love To Georgia Brown So Slow 13. Uncle Sam Come And Get Him 14. If I Didn`t Love You 15. See See Rider Blues 16. Let`s Be Friends 17. Catchin` As Catch Can 18. War Rationin` Papa 19. Mr. Freddie Blues 20. Gulf Coast Blues Herman Ray 21. Working Man (Doing The Best I Can) 22. Trouble Blues 23. President`s Blues 24. I`m A Little Piece Of Leather Bar Code 714298566826 Display Under; Jazz / Blues


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