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Licensing “If it’s vintage, ask Document”

If only it was a simple case of coming up with the great idea for a CD or just the right music for that dramatic movie scene or the quirky music that would be perfect for the advert. Snap your fingers, the recordings appear in front of you and the problem is solved. As a music producer you would be complimented on your skill and imagination, choice and the wonderful sound reproduction.

What they didn’t realise was the frantic nail biting and at times, extremely frustrating period that you had getting that production together. Things would have been so much easier if you could have picked up the phone or tapped out an email saying “this is what I want, get me it” leaving you to spend your time more productively. You may be quite clear of what is required or it may be that you have a good idea of what you want but you need more suggestions. Ideally, you need a wealth of experience and expertise to give you exactly what you need.

With a catalogue of nearly 900 titles (that’s over 20,000 tracks), Document is one of the leading re-issue labels. It is world renown for its massive library of vintage recordings. Many of these recordings make up the Document CD catalogue of vintage blues, jazz, gospel, spirituals and country music but its resources cover all genres of music. The label has a history stretching back to the 1960’s, during that time it has been gathering together recordings from far and wide both in genre and geographically and carefully transferring them to masters for vinyl and CD production. In many cases the recordings that Document have restored and made available are extremely rare with some being the “one known” original copy which has been in the form of a 78 rpm record, private recording, test pressing or other.
By commercially releasing recordings that had not been commercially released since they were originally recorded fifty or more years ago or re-issuing recordings that had long been lost until recently, Document’s huge catalogue has effectively been responsible for discographies being re-written.

A vast amount of experience gained by Document in the field of Vintage Recording Sound Restoration and Mastering has resulted in excellent reviews and a first class reputation.

“Excellent digital sound restoration.”
Down Beat – June 2002

“Now I know someone, somewhere is going to tag me with the old lie, “I love the warmth of those old records.” O.K. Sure. But I like clarity. Wyman’s companion two CD set release for ‘Blues Odyssey’ (Document 32-20-2) is the finest example I have ever heard representing this era of the recording industry.”
Blues Views by Rick Galusha – January 30th 2003

“I would say that overall these recordings are sounding better on this CD than I`ve heard them before - the earlier sides in particular have a vitality and a sharpness which is a huge improvement on the way I first heard them.”
Ray Templeton – Blues and Rhythm – June 2003

“Sound quality is superior to many earlier titles, and the notes by country music scholar Tony Russell are more extensive than the two pages formerly allotted.”
Duck Baker (Richmond, VA) – Dirty Linen – 2003

As a result, Document has been asked to provide its resources and expertise for the benefit of other record(ing) companies, film and TV production companies.

Document now provides a comprehensive mastering service for vintage re-issue production purposes both to the music and film industries. Although Document is known for its recordings of blues, jazz, gospel, spirituals and country music, its sound library goes far beyond that. Classical, opera, popular, dance band, ethnic/world music spoken word, comedy, are just a few genres that we are currently providing our customers with. To give a full list would run the danger of being prohibitive. If it’s Vintage ask Document;



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