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Pass Shoot Goal Fan Mail

After a  bravo performance on BBC4s Womans Hour regarding Pass Shoot Goal by Gracie Fields, the MD received this fan letter.

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Dear Ms Atkinson,
Whilst sipping on an early morning brandy with my friends Olivier, Gielgud and Dicky Attenborough our conversation came to halt as your piece on the northern music hall gal Ms Gracie Fields came over the wireless.
I for one was enchanted by your exquisite voice; warm, yet so commanding. Gielgud noted later, after we had listened to this marvellous item in riveted silence, how you were, within an instant, able to draw the listener in with your seemingly effortless ability to captivate, intrigue and delight. "Not an easy thing to do", he noted, "when one is discussing the treacherous antics of some vulgar, clog hopping, gutter snipe from the dank, depressing, mill towns of the north. So unlike this princess behind the voice, a voice of silk, not of cotton.
Olivier was enchanted and quietly, in little more than a whisper said that he had not heard anything so wonderful since working with Prunella Scales in the film Room At The Top in 1958.
At the end of the piece Dicky quickly stood up quickly and cried "Damn it, this is the most exciting that that I've experienced since "Ghandi"!!! This woman is, is... is a genius. Rigg, Dench, Ashcroft they're all ******* ****** compared to this woman!!!! They couldn't project or annunciate like this, this, nightingale, even if their trumped up titles ******* depended on it. Dames... HAH!!! Hand the phone over Geilgud I want this angel in my production of "Mother Teresa ". That jumped version that they dragged me into in 1986 was ********!
Guilgud handed over the old black, bakelite phone. Stretching over the instrument to Dicky he farted and said "Didn't know that you were going to produce Mother Teresa, Dicky"
"Neither did I until I just heard the the most wonderful voice ever heard by mankind." Each of us drank a tot to that. Dicky rang immediately through to the BBC and, after brushing off the usual grovelling "My dear Richard how wonderful..." etc he demanded to know how he could get hold this new phenomena which he was to going to take, nurture and present to the world in his latest block busting film. As he stood, phone in one hand, brandy in the other, I saw his face rapidly going as red as a full bodied French Rosé. His cheeks puffed out and his eyes grew large and wild. "GOOD GOD WOMAN" he exploded. "What do you mean you haven't any contact details!!!
Many thanks for your wonderful and beautiful performance.
A. Guinness

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