Document Records - Vintage Blues and Jazz

Dirty Linen review of Shortcuts Vol. 2 & 3

Document Records is a British label that has a huge catalogue of vintage American blues, jazz, boogie-woogie, gospel, and old-time country music from the 20s to the 50s.

With over 900 titles and 24,00 tracks, the problem becomes, how do you find the music you like? To address this, Document has come up with a budget sampler series called Shortcuts, of which If You Take Me Back and My Babe are the latest.

Don't be put off by the cheesey artwork (budget in every bad sense of the word); these samplers contain a generous helping of the back catalogue (20 and 21 tracks, respectively) and are full of musical treasures. If you like historic music, these are perfect for you.

Jim Lee, Dirty Linen Magazine

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