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Folk Links

Folk Links

Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives
Everything about his life and legacy.

American Folklife Centre
Resources in Ethnographic Studies. A Collection of Resources in Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Folklore and Folklife.

Glenn Weiser`s Folk Links
Massive collection of Folk Links, with an image of possibly the most beautiful mandolin player ever.

Southern Folklife Collection
The Southern Folklife Collection (SFC) ranks as one of the nation`s foremost archival resources for the study of American folk music and popular culture. SFC holdings extensively document all forms of southern musical and oral traditions across the entire spectrum of individual and community expressive arts, as well as mainstream media production.

Accordians Worldwide
The largest accordian internet site

Banjo Newsletter
America`s premiere 5-string Banjo site

American Institute of Guitar
Founded in 1975, the American Institute of Guitar offers high quality musical instruction in a warm, friendly environment to help you become the musician you want to be. We teach students of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Country Blues Guitar Recordings
Country Blues Guitar Discography - Part 1 Mississippi & Texas By Glenn Weiser

Acoustic Guitar Central
Home for all acoustic music.

Mendocino Music
Mendocino Music has been one of the premier dealers of new and vintage guitars on California`s North Coast since 1975.

National Harmonica League
The NHL is Britain`s national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas.

A short discography of blues harmonica
Blues Harp Discography By Glenn Weiser

Tuscon Desert Blues
This site is devoted to the blues, and to the Blues Harmonica in particular



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