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Sammy Price & The Blues Singers Vol 1

Sammy PriceSammy Price and The Blues Singers Volume 1; 1938 - 1941 Document DOCD-5667

In addition to recordings made under his own name Sam Price became a house pianist for Decca and appeared on records with many well known blues and jazz singers.

His solid, imaginative blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and swing based piano accompaniments were vital ingredients to the success of many recordings.

This, the first of two volumes, finds Sammy Price contributing imaginitive and solid playing to memorable recordings to some fine jazz / blues singers.

* First of two volumes covering Sammy Price`s Seventeen Years at Decca. Highlighting his career as a first class accompanists in blues and jazz.
* Includes four tracks by Bessie Smith`s niece, Ruby Smith.
* Includes seven tracks featuring jazz clarinetist Buster Bailey.
* Informative notes by Chris Smith.
* Detailed discography.
* 30% Off Distributor Price!

Track List
Ebony Three 1. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
2. Go Down Moses
3. Heartbroken Blues
4. Mississippi Moan Bea Foote
5. Try And Get It
6. Jive Lover
7. I Want A Long Time Daddy Harlem Stompers
8. The Mokey Swing
9. Jammin` In Georgia
10. My Understanding Man
11. Serenade To A Jitterbug Yack Taylor
12. My Mellow Man
13. Knockin` Myself Man
14. You`re Gonna Go Your Way And I`m Gonna Go Mine
15. Don`t Stop Now
16. My Nightmare Jockey Sweet Georgia Brown
17. The Low Down lonely Blues
18. Rock Me In The Groove
19. Black Cat Bone
20. These Low Down Men Blues Ruby Smith
21. Make Me Love You
22. Fruit Cakin` Mama
23. Black Gal
24. Thinking Blues

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