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6 New Jazz CDs

We have 6 great new Jazz titles in stock. They are Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Coleman Hawkins, Bix Beiderbecke, The Birth of Bebop which features the likes of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis and The Legendary Jazz Guitarists which includes the brilliant strummer Django Reinhardt amongst others.

 Sarah Vaughan "It`s Magic!" 1944 ~ 1950 £10.99 jaz-2004
Breathing rarified air at the top of the pantheon of great female jazz vocalists alongside Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan had an enormous range and the ability to sound comfortable in every register.
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The Legendary Jazz Guitarists 1927 ~ 1941 £10.99 jaz-4003
Although a staple in the blues, the guitar was only very rarely recorded in jazz prior to the advent of the improved electrical recordings in 1926, overshadowed by the louder but less flexible banjo.
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Duke Ellington ~ The Bubber Miley Era 1924 ~ 1929 £10.99 jaz-1014 A prolific composer who wrote dozens of standards and literally thousands of instrumental works, Duke Ellington also excelled as a stride pianist, an arranger and a bandleader; his one big band was one of the top orchestra`s on the scene for an immense period of 50 years.
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The Birth Of Bebop 1937 ~ 1945 £10.99 jaz-3002 Bebop was Jazz`s adventurous next step after swing, featuring chordal improvisation, a flurry of individual solos, greater involvement from the drummers and a radical change in the function of the piano.
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Coleman Hawkins: The King Of The Tenor Sax 1929 ~ 1943 £10.99 jaz-1012 Discovered by Mamie Smith in the early 1920`s, Coleman Hawkins had to invent his style from scratch as there were no major predecessors on his instrument for him to emulate.
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Bix Beiderbecke: Young Man With A Golden Horn 1924 ~ 1930 £10.99 jaz-1010
With a rise and fall coinciding with the tumult of the "Roaring Twenties", Bix Beiderbecke has long been one of jazz`s most colourful legends.
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